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Consists of leafy rosettes and two to four pairs of stem leaves.

Black Knapweed

A clump-forming plant with rough leaves and thistle-like reddish-purple flowers.

Other names: Common knapweed, Hard-heads, Paintbrush.

Common Bistort

Pale pink flowers form a dense spike at the end of the flowering stem.

Other names: Easter ledges, Pudding dock.


A small annual with toothed leaves.


A large member of the buttercup family.

© H Zell

A tall plant with finely toothed leaves.

Greater bird's-foot trefoil

Perennial with erect and ascending stems.

© Lis Burke

A northern perennial with shallowly lobed palmate leaves.

© Phillip Preceyderbwt

A robust low-growing perennial.

Other names: King cup, May-blobs

Meadow vetchling

A climbing perennial.


Frothy white flowers on tall red stems.

Melancholy thistle

Tall stems bearing large purple thistle flowers.

Ox-eye daisy

Tall stems with spoon shaped leaves.

Other names: Dog daisy, Moon daisy.

© Bob Embleton

A small, delicate plant indicative of undisturbed ground.

Red clover

A common tufted perennial.